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Anyone wishing to promote GREG LANCE-WATKINS 'STORY' and lies about Hollie (whom he has never met), or Anne Greig (who he has also never met) and the lies he continues to trell is encouraged and requested to read the facts & details on the blog below. Thank YOU for any links or help YOU can give to exposing Greg Lance-Watkins for the old fraud he is.

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In a Quest for the truth and desire to ensure Justice is seen to be done and that Anne & Hollie get the care they need to protect them and the dishonest and corrupt like Pabs Diabs, Gabe Nelson, Elish Angelioni, and others that are hiding the facts about the high-level pedophile ring in Scotland and their like are dealt with by the law - Do read the whole of this site and if you wish to discuss it in an adult and courteous manner visit: HOLLIE GREIG/ROBERT GREEN AN OPEN DEBATE ON THE EVIDENCE The ONLY site that is posting establishment lies and distorting the truth.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

SK-H319 - The Filth, GLW, EXPLOITING Hollie GREIG and Anne GREIG!

Keep this philosophy in mind the next time you hear, or are about to
repeat a rumour or send an e-mail, regarding StolenKids-Hollie or
Greg Lance-Watkins or any of those who TRY to blurr and disrupt the facts
the FACTS, inorder to subvert the TRUTH!
so as to strive for INJUSTICE
and the destruction, mis-treatment and malignment of
Anne & Hollie Greig as vulnerable adults in society.

We note that Greg Lance-Watkins lies about the Anne Greig’s ‘STORY’ have so resoundingly lost sight of their claimed support that they are sinking ever deeper into the gutter and accusing those who seek the TRUTH based upon verifiable FACT as ‘Mongs.’

Greg Lance Watkin The man was never embarassed or ashamed to say no more.
This is the reason Greg Lance Watkins has to quote such a great philosopher
himself being held in such low esteem.

It also explains why Greg Lance Watkins never found a wife.

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