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Anyone wishing to promote GREG LANCE-WATKINS 'STORY' and lies about Hollie (whom he has never met), or Anne Greig (who he has also never met) and the lies he continues to trell is encouraged and requested to read the facts & details on the blog below. Thank YOU for any links or help YOU can give to exposing Greg Lance-Watkins for the old fraud he is.

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In a Quest for the truth and desire to ensure Justice is seen to be done and that Anne & Hollie get the care they need to protect them and the dishonest and corrupt like Pabs Diabs, Gabe Nelson, Elish Angelioni, and others that are hiding the facts about the high-level pedophile ring in Scotland and their like are dealt with by the law - Do read the whole of this site and if you wish to discuss it in an adult and courteous manner visit: HOLLIE GREIG/ROBERT GREEN AN OPEN DEBATE ON THE EVIDENCE The ONLY site that is posting establishment lies and distorting the truth.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Herr Greg Lance Watkins- NAZI Propaganda Specialist


“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Sunday, August 15, 2010

There is No Help for Greg-Lance Watkins

 Greg Lance Watkins was exposed  as a shill for Elish Angelioni, Sheriff Davies and other abusers of the truth. If he were to turn on them now, he would lose his only income. We have proven that Greg Lance Watkins makes his living writing bad things about people, and then suing them when they respond.

He has collected thousands of pounds in this way, enough to allow him to avoid any real work for years.

He saw the Hollie Greig campaign as a sewer's dream. As he wrote about Hollie, he expected to make thousands more off his lawsuits for those that disagreed with him. When the Hollie campaign found that he was undermining Hollie's campaign for his own selfish profit, they asked him to leave.

Realizing there was still money to be made in libel lawsuits, he has goaded many into responding to his stupid little blog. His hope was to make more money as the bad bloke, then he could from being a good bloke. This is what whore's do. They sell themselves for money.

The best thing Hollie's campaign can do is send Greg Lance Watkins a penny in the mail.  It is all that he is worth.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Greg Lance-Watkins is Quite the Sewer

Greg Lance-Watkins is quite the sewer. He slanders and libels anyone he thinks has money. His game is to get an angry response and then sue his victim for libel or slander. It seems he has been at it for many years and has been to court so many times that the Sheriff reserves a chair for the lunatic.

Look at what he did to Mark Croucher.

Greg Lance Watkins is defending Sheriff Davies because without the help of Sheriff's like Davies, he would lose the only source he has for income.


Friday, August 13, 2010


It appears that the "Flatulant One" is in the habit of talking to himself under various seudonyms on neutral forums.

It is a well known fact that Greg Lance-Watkins has more aliases than an MP in the red light district. Or a pedophile in a chat room. His obscenely funny claims to being unbiased and unpaid pedophiles are now falling on deaf ears.  The mutton head is nothing more than a big foolish arse that has embarassed himself in the public eye for to long now.

You can correct him, expose him, lecture him, ignore him, but, like a healthy spreading of cow paste on the garden. This horrid odor called Greg Lance-Watkins just won't go away .

He just keeps duplicating himself under other names.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

SK-H339 ~ Oh So Very True

Remember the daft little git who through spitballs at your head when the teacher was looking away? Then cried for teacher when you threw one back? That Nimrod is none other than Greg Lance Watkins.

Sewers Beware...

This is a spoof site, much like

Rusty's Skewed News Views

Which printed the following information...

Thus for posterity, and too the protection of vulnerable children in Aberdeen, below is a list of the paedophiles thus far named.

DENIS GHENGIS MACKIE (Father of Hollie Greig, lover of Sheriff Buchanan)
GREG MACKIE (Brother of Hollie. Both Mackies fled to Praia da Luz in Portugal)
SUSIE BUCHANAN (Sheriff`s wife)
EVELYN BUCHANAN (Sheriff`s sister, Bieldside)
JACK BUCHANAN (Sheriff`s brother-in-law)
TERRY MAJOR (Grampian police officer)
SYLVIA MAJOR (13 Ferryhill Place)
ANN ROYAL (15 Ferryhill Place)
WINIFRED (WIN) DRAGAN (72 Ferryhill Road)
EILEEN SIM (Social worker Woodend Crescent))
ROBERT LYND (Partner of Eileen Sim)
HELEN MACDONALD (Social worker, 9 Lochview Place, Bridge of Don)
IAN MACDONALD (Husband of Helen Macdonald)
CAROL LOW (Nurse, 26 Grant Close, Westhills)
ATHOLL SCOTT (Accountant)
ANDREW YOUNG (Headmaster, Beechwood ‘Special’ School) 

Monday, August 9, 2010


In the latest round of dementia and delirium tremors, Greg Lance Watkins claims to have seen the Holy Ghost. He even claims that this is the source for all of his lies and falsehoods. We are left to wonder if a dove came down from heaven and dropped its excretions on Lance-Watkins bulbous, unevenly misshaped head, or if this is just another symptom of his on-going struggle with dementia.

To add to the insanity, Greg Lance Watkins now claims that the Holy Ghost disclosed His Secret Identity as none other than American journalist Paul Drockton. Whether this occurred after the 9th or 10th pint of ale is not entirely clear.

Since Mister Drockton is still among the living, we are left wondering if Greg Lance Watkins intends to carry out his threats and turn Drockton into a "Ghost". Perhaps he will shoot Mr. Drockton with his mercury tipped bullets and make him a holey ghost?

Hopefully, someone will finally have the old badger sectioned as he deserves.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


After his failure to convince his stupid followers that he is not an establishment shill for pedophiles-by running an ad for the Trafalgar event, Greg Lance-Watkins is now back abusing the innocent and honorable. Since the brain addled idiot decided to subvert an email list from his enemies for his own shameless self promotion. He got what he deserves.

* You need to stop protecting the paedophiles of this country and grow some balls and start acting in the interest of the people and the sexually abused kids. Robert Green & Co have done some great work in trying to get justice for Hollie and other victims of the elite paedophile groups. You seem to just be in the shadows throwing disinformation and discontent to the public trying to make them disbelieve Hollie's and other's plight of abuse.
As someone else recently said:

 Quote "Hollie, Anne and Robert have been brave and dignified throughout, the people who have been supporting them have worked so hard and done it simply because it was the right thing to do, not for any personal recognition or gain.
GLW’s attention seeking is a disruptive blip by which no-one should be side-tracked. There is no room for ego and bile." Unquote
I second that!!!!

Thanks for your opinion Mr. Stevenson, however you are unable to offer one centilla of substantive valid evidence to back the claim that Greg Lance-Watkins is  nothing but a horses arse and there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Greg Lance-Watkins is prepared to lie to promote himself and his snake oil sales act.

Further there is absolutely no valid evidence that Roy Greig’s murder isn't being covered up by the Justice4Hollie Blog. That he is defamed after his death by pedophile shill Greg Lance-Watkins after he     entered A ROOM and discovered Hollie’s father sexually abusing her  –  Yet Watkins did have a prolonged drinking session after he found he had once more wet himself and his sheets.

* From: Paul Cruickshank []
Sent: Saturday, August 07, 2010 12:20 PM
To: greig watkins
Subject: RE:
YOU ARE SCUM...........
So we will see you in court soon scumbag.
 It seems that Greg Lance-Watkins finally got an honest opinion about who he is and what he stands for. When he is not baiting innocent citizens, he is busy trying to glue the thousand pieces of his baby pictures back together while he rocks back and forth by the carcass of the only friend he has ever had.

A stuffed sewer rat named plinky.

Friday, August 6, 2010

SK-H322 - GLW RALLIES FOR CHILD ABUSERS 07-Aug-2010 - 1300hrs.


Greg Lance-Watkins totally endorses any illegal and illegitimate action to lower the profile of the shamefully common crime of Child Abuse.

He now takes this opportunity to point out that it is VERY rare that any type of State so called 'care' is better for children than parental care - even bad parenting is better than institutional care. As an escaped lunatic from the nutter farm, he is in a position of authority on this subject.

"46% of ALL underage prostitutes are girls ostensibly in care", claims GLW, without providing any evidence whatsoever for this outlandish claim. We cannot help but wonder what type of poll was taken by Greg Lance-Watkins to arrive at this figure.

No employer can even begin to compete with social services staff for convictions for child abuse. As a man with no public record of having ever worked a real job, Greg-Lance Watkins is in a position of authority on this subject. He is expert at statistics, having created so many of them over the years.

"It is even legitimate to openly wonder if in some strange way sexual abuse of children is in some way a perk of Government employment," claims Greg Lance-Watkins, who has shown a special fondness for government perks.

"as time and again we hear of cases where employees of Government get away with abuse and paedophelia whether Lost in Care Wales, The Magic Circle, Queen Victoria Boys School, Dunblane, there are MANY proven GENUINE incidents some virtually institutionalised - These EVIL people MUST be exposed at all cost at every opportunity." he says. Mr. Watkins will surely offer his hired pen to cover up the crimes of all peadophiles, for a tater and a pint.

"I am pleased to be able to assure you having been involved - to a greater or lesser extent in exposing all of those anmed and numerous others, and as a victim of abuse when at Kings Cambridge when about 8," states Greg-Lance Watkins, who is always ready to serve up whatever  history about himself is necessary to fool his stupid readers.

No doubt he also conquered the khyber pass without a set of knackers -"I can after 18 months of extensive involvement and reading ALL the available documents I am personally morally certain Hollie Greig nor any other child was abused in Aberdeen by the so called 'rape gang' of paedophiles, nor were there 8 victims and nor was there a murder to cover-up."

This from a trainspotter for Richard the Third.

"The entire 'STORY' is fundamental pack of lies latched onto by some very EVIL people for their own publicity." Here Lance-Watkins admits to being an EVIL people with a pack of lies.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

SK-H319 - The Filth, GLW, EXPLOITING Hollie GREIG and Anne GREIG!

Keep this philosophy in mind the next time you hear, or are about to
repeat a rumour or send an e-mail, regarding StolenKids-Hollie or
Greg Lance-Watkins or any of those who TRY to blurr and disrupt the facts
the FACTS, inorder to subvert the TRUTH!
so as to strive for INJUSTICE
and the destruction, mis-treatment and malignment of
Anne & Hollie Greig as vulnerable adults in society.

We note that Greg Lance-Watkins lies about the Anne Greig’s ‘STORY’ have so resoundingly lost sight of their claimed support that they are sinking ever deeper into the gutter and accusing those who seek the TRUTH based upon verifiable FACT as ‘Mongs.’

Greg Lance Watkin The man was never embarassed or ashamed to say no more.
This is the reason Greg Lance Watkins has to quote such a great philosopher
himself being held in such low esteem.

It also explains why Greg Lance Watkins never found a wife.

SK-H318 - PETITION for Greg Lance-Watkins REVEALED AS A FARCE!

BREAKING! Greg Lance Watkins petition to become a "real boy" has been denied by the Scottish Pedophile Ring, which is rumored to be run by real Faeries!

The Faerie Sheriff denied the petition based on the grounds that no one really likes Watkins, not even the Pedophiles he so aptly defends.

The Fairies, off the record, disclosed that they don't really like him either. "He's a creepy old man that never leaves his basement, except to nick some chewing gum from the occasional passing cacker."