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Friday, August 6, 2010

SK-H322 - GLW RALLIES FOR CHILD ABUSERS 07-Aug-2010 - 1300hrs.


Greg Lance-Watkins totally endorses any illegal and illegitimate action to lower the profile of the shamefully common crime of Child Abuse.

He now takes this opportunity to point out that it is VERY rare that any type of State so called 'care' is better for children than parental care - even bad parenting is better than institutional care. As an escaped lunatic from the nutter farm, he is in a position of authority on this subject.

"46% of ALL underage prostitutes are girls ostensibly in care", claims GLW, without providing any evidence whatsoever for this outlandish claim. We cannot help but wonder what type of poll was taken by Greg Lance-Watkins to arrive at this figure.

No employer can even begin to compete with social services staff for convictions for child abuse. As a man with no public record of having ever worked a real job, Greg-Lance Watkins is in a position of authority on this subject. He is expert at statistics, having created so many of them over the years.

"It is even legitimate to openly wonder if in some strange way sexual abuse of children is in some way a perk of Government employment," claims Greg Lance-Watkins, who has shown a special fondness for government perks.

"as time and again we hear of cases where employees of Government get away with abuse and paedophelia whether Lost in Care Wales, The Magic Circle, Queen Victoria Boys School, Dunblane, there are MANY proven GENUINE incidents some virtually institutionalised - These EVIL people MUST be exposed at all cost at every opportunity." he says. Mr. Watkins will surely offer his hired pen to cover up the crimes of all peadophiles, for a tater and a pint.

"I am pleased to be able to assure you having been involved - to a greater or lesser extent in exposing all of those anmed and numerous others, and as a victim of abuse when at Kings Cambridge when about 8," states Greg-Lance Watkins, who is always ready to serve up whatever  history about himself is necessary to fool his stupid readers.

No doubt he also conquered the khyber pass without a set of knackers -"I can after 18 months of extensive involvement and reading ALL the available documents I am personally morally certain Hollie Greig nor any other child was abused in Aberdeen by the so called 'rape gang' of paedophiles, nor were there 8 victims and nor was there a murder to cover-up."

This from a trainspotter for Richard the Third.

"The entire 'STORY' is fundamental pack of lies latched onto by some very EVIL people for their own publicity." Here Lance-Watkins admits to being an EVIL people with a pack of lies.

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